About Us

Jaya Bellara epitomizes the best of class of young and dynamic Indian entrepreneurs passionate about her work and striving to delivere the best of products and services to fellow citizens. Kind and jovial by nature, Jaya Bellara is expert in study of Ayurveda and she is keen to encapsulate the wisdom of Ayurveda in her product line. Her love and care of nature also shows in her drive to make her business nature friendly and to give back more to society in return.


For more than three millennia, the essence of empirical knowledge and holistic vision of sages about welfare of mind, body and nature has enriched Indian way of life through Ayurveda. Taping from Ayurveda’s rich body of ancient wisdom, Vedic Aura endeavors to deliver best in class skin care, hair care and body care products. All our products are perfected through years of rigorous research and they are approved by FDA for assurance of best quality. Step away from the world of pollution, adulteration, harsh/toxic chemical products created by predatory multinational companies and indulge in world of gentle, nature-friendly products which are carefully handcrafted by skilled local artisans.We endeavour to continue to share the essence of Ayurveda and blessings of nature with 100% natural products which delivers 100% positive results and are blessed with 100% customer satisfaction. As a result, our testimonials are endowed with smiles and blessings of over 10,000+ satisfied customers who joined us within a short span and more and more customers are joining us on each step of our journey.